Dr. Bob DeYoung

Family and Trauma Counselor in Orange County, NY & Pike County, PA

Dr. Bob has extensive experience in both inpatient and outpatient modalities working with a diverse group of children, adolescence, adults and couples. Dr. Bob helped develop the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program ( ASAP ) at Newton Memorial Hospital, and he was an Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. He has published numerous professional articles, as well as a book. He was a nationally known Forensic Psychologist and a certified Biofeedback Therapist ( BCIA ), as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor. He completed a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies ( CAGS ) in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2004. Dr. DeYoung continues to maintain a Mental Health License in both Pennsylvania and New York, as well as a credential in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling in New York. He is also an OASAS approved provider for Impaired Driver assessment/screening. VIEW PHOTOS


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