Anger Management

What REALLY makes you angry? Most anger management therapy, if it’s even a little effective, relies on a combination of Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT), and it typically involves techniques, such as relaxation, to help calm you down as you visualize anger-provoking scenarios. During the anger scene, you learn to use coping thoughts to reframe your perspective and change your reaction. The problem can be that people, who have a lot of past history with anger, have put a lot of emotional investment in that anger, and they’ve imprinted a pattern on their brain that’s hard to change. When the anger-triggering situation comes up again, the old imprinted pattern, and the same old anger, can take over.


In these cases, the power of the heart can make the difference. Folks who are taught to generate balanced, coherent heart rhythms, in conjunction with the aforementioned techniques, find themselves far more balanced emotionally.

Medication should not be the first intervention when there are TRULY effective strategies and techniques available….if you’re willing to put in a little work!