One of the most frequent presenting problems, especially in the emergency room, is that of anxiety. Often, folks suffering from it will believe they’re having a heart attack, or they’ll convince themselves that they have a serious medical condition, such as a tumor, that requires immediate medical attention.

That “Fight-or-flight” response, that should be reserved for life and death situations, can get turned on-but not turned off. Whether it’s a type of general anxiety, like a nagging, chronic “unease,” or a more acute, panic-like feeling that seems to overwhelm you, anxiety often goes undiagnosed while the person suffering jumps from emergency room to emergency room-given more prescriptions, more specialists, and more dead ends.


With the right interventions, a little work, and patience, anxiety can be very successfully treated WITHOUT MEDICATION. CBT, breathing exercises, biofeedback, hypnosis, and a variety of effective techniques, can do the job!