Weight Loss and Eating Management

If you think about it, eating was our very first source of comfort, gratification and, yes, survival. It is something that we must continue to do throughout our lives. Food, eating and body weight/awareness is a dominant concern for millions of people. The symbolism attached to food, body weight and shape, can dominate daily living, and folks can easily slip in to real difficulty. Yo-yo dieting, food addiction, obesity, bulimia and anorexia are common occurrences in our society. Learning to “make peace” with food, to identify and express emotions in a healthier manner, to develop “sustainable” ideas, habits and attitudes about eating, is essential to mental and physical health.


Biofeedback, CBT, hypnosis, and other approaches, can help people identify and replace often long-standing unhealthy views about food. It’s not just about losing weight…it’s about developing a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many therapists fail to address the entire person, including lifestyle issues such as this, when treating someone. Aside from an actual presenting problem of having an eating disorder, folks should consider their physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological wellness when addressing any presenting problem. The whole person must always be considered for sustainable results.